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Treasure House will be home to 24 young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as six Community Assistants as they share life together. Each individual will have his/her own studio apartment and the community will gather together in the family-style kitchen, family room, game room, and patio. Each resident with IDD will select his/her own support for daytime employment and volunteer opportunities. The evenings and weekends will be filled with opportunities provided by Treasure House for the community to gather together for recreation, learning, volunteering, and worship.

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To offer a structured, supported living community with opportunities to cultivate independence and self-advocacy through employment, education, and community service, where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are encouraged to fulfill God’s call for their lives and become the treasure He purposed.


An environment where individuals of varying abilities are valued, respected and encouraged to become all God created them to be as contributing adults whose gifts can change the world not only in the confines of their own community, but also working in unison with the surrounding community.

Mission Principles

Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ

As a result of the love and grace we receive from God, we desire to offer His love and grace to all, through our actions, words, and deeds with Jesus Christ as our example. We believe when we are in accordance with His will, all things are possible beyond our expectations.

Operate in accord with Biblical principles

The Treasure House community will operate in accord with biblical principles of conduct, speech, and service. We will apply the wisdom of Scripture in designing and carrying out programs, hiring personnel, and caring for residents so that those we serve will understand that they are beautiful creations and loved by their Creator.

Focus on cultivating independence

We will provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to cultivate independence and live life to the fullest. God has placed a unique call on each of our lives and we will support those with IDD in recognizing and answering their call.

Emphasize affordable solutions

We will not consider finances or material blessings our treasure, rather our relationship with Jesus and our responsibility to love each other as ourselves. As a means of loving our neighbors, we will raise awareness about the need for housing that is financially reasonable for those with IDD and their families. We will responsibly steward resources entrusted to us in order to achieve our goals without sacrificing quality.

Support community integration as equals

We are all part of the same body and each has been given unique gifts. We will view our work as successful when we have sparked a lasting change in the community where all gifts are valued and each individual is significant.

Advocate for the IDD community

We desire to serve as a voice on behalf of the IDD community to break down barriers, propose equitable solutions, and end discrimination and marginalization against those with IDD.

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"As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples."

John 13:34-35