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About Us

Treasure House will be home to 24 young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as six Community Assistants as they share life together. Each individual will have his/her own studio apartment and the community will gather together in the family-style kitchen, family room, game room, and patio. Each resident with IDD will select his/her own support for daytime employment and volunteer opportunities. The evenings and weekends will be filled with opportunities provided by Treasure House for the community to gather together for recreation, learning, and volunteering.

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To provide a supportive living environment where young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can participate in their community, achieve independence, and realize their purpose.


All adults, regardless of their abilities, will be active and valued members in their community.

Mission Principles

Focus on cultivating independence

We will provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to cultivate independence and live life to the fullest. We will support those with IDD in recognizing and pursuing their goals.

Emphasize affordable solutions

We will raise awareness about the need for housing that is financially reasonable for those with IDD and their families. We will responsibly steward resources entrusted to us in order to achieve our goals without sacrificing quality.

Support community integration as equals

Each has been given unique gifts. We will view our work as successful when we have sparked a lasting change in the community where all gifts are valued and each individual is significant.

Advocate for the IDD community

We desire to empower those in the IDD community to break down barriers, propose equitable solutions, and advocate for opportunities.

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