Treasure House



When we feel we have a purpose in life, we thrive. Treasure House is dedicated to creating a family, a team of support, for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Disabilities are consequence of human diversity, and every disability is accompanied by a variety of abilities.

Treasure House is structured around the following core values:

  • Community inclusion and engagement
  • Maximum independence
  • Sustainability, affordability, and replicability

Treasure House residents will be challenged with the full adventure of human experience. Residents can expect the following:

  • Maximum independence according to his/her abilities
  • Freedom of choice and basic rights of autonomous adults
  • Opportunities to engage with the local community
  • Thoughtful planning for the future in all aspects of life (financial, social, occupational, spiritual, etc.)
  • A fulfilling daily schedule, with responsibilities and clear expectations
  • Problem solving, with staff/Community Assistants and family in a supporting role
  • Opportunity to “age in place” in a supportive family atmosphere
  • Participation in building and maintaining the community

Relationship between staff/Community Assistants and residents:

  • Staff and Community Assistants will be supportive in an atmosphere where Community Assistants and residents are equals.
  • The strategy will be to realize goals and overcome obstacles with support.
  • Treasure House will empower all residents to progress at their own pace, choosing the goals most important to them.
  • Residents and staff/Community Assistants will be committed to open, honest communication.
  • The Treasure House community upholds principles of equality and “love your neighbor as yourself.”
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