Treasure House will serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) that are no longer receiving federally mandated educational services. Potential Treasure House residents are young adults with IDD, who seek to build productive, meaningful and fulfilling lives in a unique residential setting. Programming reflects Treasure House’s dedication to fostering independence, a sense of community, and personal fulfillment.

Enhancing our residents’ quality of life

  • Is 19-35 years old, and a high school graduate
    at the time of inquiry and intake
  • Has a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability
  • Is able to complete his/her daily needs
    (bathing, dressing, feeding), access his/her physical environment, and live independently with
    minimal assistance
  • Communicates needs effectively
  • Works, volunteers, or is enrolled in a community college, trade school, or a day
    training program
  • Is accustomed to contributing to “family-style” chores and activities, such as cooking and cleaning
  • Enjoys interacting, socially, and respects social boundaries of others
  • Is comfortable with a dynamic schedule, including attending center- and community-based events
  • Has an alternate residence for holidays or sudden
    and long-term illness
  • Is able to show proof of income

Treasure House is not appropriate for all individuals

Treasure House is not appropriate for individuals who have a psychiatric and/or serious emotional disturbance that impacts behavior, have serious medical conditions that require daily or weekly monitoring or intervention, and/or require 24-hour supervision.

Treasure House is a community-based, structured program with 24/7 on-site support. Individual safety and dignity will be our priority, but residents will be working and living in the community and allowed to
make decisions that affect all aspects of their lives, all of which creates a level of risk inherent to this philosophy and approach.

Admissions Process

If you are an individual or family member who meets the above criterion and are interested in the prospect of residing at Treasure House, please submit a Resident Application, along with a $150 application fee. (Note: This does not guarantee a spot at Treasure House).

Residents’ monthly fee is $3,200, which includes room and board, 24-hour supervision and supports, transportation, and activities. More information about the program and monthly fee can be found in our Treasure House Informational Packet.

For any additional questions, please call or email us at:

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