Community Forum Q&A

Thank you for joining us and submitting questions at our November Community Forum. You asked– we answered, below!

1. When would the deposit be due?

The deposit is due at the Resident Agreement meeting. At this meeting, several important items will be discussed such as move-in date, Resident agreement signing, rules and expectations, schedules, Rights and Responsibilities, deposit submission, and a few other relevant pieces of information.

2. If just a bad cold, can the resident stay at Treasure House for a day or two, or would they have to go to their alternate resident?

A resident is welcome to stay at Treasure House if their medical care will only require a small level of additional supports such as staff check ins, meal service within his/her unit, or other small accommodations. If the resident requires 24 hour monitoring or extensive medical assistance for an ailment, it is recommended that they seek assistance from his/her alternate residence.

3. What if a prospective resident is still in high school?

Prior to completing an application, the prospective resident must be a High School graduate, or have completed all required certifications or credits.

4. Can residents own cars?

Yes. Residents may own their own vehicle. We have our own onsite parking for staff and residents.

5. Is the campus closed to friends or guests who are not residents?

No. Treasure House allows our residents to invite family, friends, and guests to visit our campus and share in their daily life during designated hours.

6. Where is Treasure House getting its funding?

Treasure House receives its funding through private donations at the current time.

7. What are the qualifications for Community Assistants?

Community Assistants will be required to have the following minimum qualifications:

A. A High School Diploma or Equivalent
B. Experience Supporting Persons with IDD
C. First Aid, CPR and Article 9 Certifications
D. Food Handler’s Card
E. 21+ Years of Age
F. Valid Arizona Driver’s License and Clean Driving Record

8. Can residents have services animals?

Treasure House does allow pre-approved service animals onsite.

9. Have all positions Community Assistants been filled?

No. The positions for Community Assistants have not been filled at the current time.

10. Will Treasure House participate in Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is a way for our residents to participate in their community and gain a sense of empowerment. As we get to know our residents and their interest in participating, we will establish the best way to get them involved.

11. Are pets allowed at Treasure House?

Although many people love to have pets in their home, we have to consider what is best for everyone in the Treasure House community who may have specific allergies or fear of animals. At this time, only pre-approved service animals are permitted at Treasure House.

12. What volunteer opportunities will there be for locals?

Treasure House will have several volunteer opportunities. A majority will be working directly with the residents providing supports during evening and weekend activities.

13. Do you expect to fill all resident units upon opening?

With such an immense need for supportive housing for the IDD population in the greater Phoenix area, the hope is that Treasure House will meet the demand for as many individuals as we can by Summer of 2018.

14. Will order of acceptance be based on who filled out the application first or based upon best fit?

Treasure House Admissions is a rolling process and will not have a “closure” date. As prospective residents apply for the program, his/her application will be thoroughly reviewed and he/she will be invited to further participate in the next steps (interview and trial stay) if it is deemed appropriate. The trial stay is essential to make certain prospective residents are able to adapt into the Treasure House community and are compatible with other residents and staff members. Multiple trial stays may be required in order to make an ultimate determination about a prospective resident.
As appropriate residents are identified, they will be offered a Resident Agreement and a move-in date will be determined.

15. Do you think you will be able to provide sponsorship sometime soon? If yes, will it be structured so it will not affect SSI?

We do not anticipate sponsorships becoming available prior to Treasure House opening. When sponsorships are awarded, they will not impact SSI.

16. Is financial qualification part of acceptance or is fundraising an option?

Financial qualification, or ability to pay, will be part of the qualification process. A prospective resident who completes an application, but is unable to fulfill the financial obligation, will be invited to participate through the Trial Period step of the admissions process. At which time, if they are determined to be a good fit for Treasure House, they will be placed on a waiting list for sponsorship opportunities or financial support.