Our Approach

Our approach is to center on the individual, not a program or process that isn’t tailored to a young adult’s specific goals. We focus on our residents’ strengths, talents and abilities to identify the best ways to support their growth and achieve their potential. We work to achieve a balance between providing a supportive environment and reducing the amount of restrictions that could contain their growth and development.

Enhancing Our Residents'
Quality of Life

The Treasure House model is based around three key principles, which create a framework that enables our residents to enjoy a fulfilling life experience:

Safety & Well Being

Treasure House residents enjoy reduced risks to their physical and social and emotional well-being, which supports increase preventative care and improves overall health outcomes


Treasure House residents are provided with an ideal environment to support them as they achieve and maintain their goals for independent living


Residents contribute both to the Treasure House community and the broader community around them through fellowship, mentoring, volunteering, employment and as consumers and patrons

Our resident experience includes:

  • Community-based (verses program- or facility-based) Housing and Services
  • Knowledge and Skill Development
  • Connections and Mentorship
  • Meaningful Educational, Vocational and Social Opportunities and Experiences
  • Community Awareness and Advocacy

Dear Family of Treasure House:

Aldo and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Nick. We have never seen him so happy and contented. You truly are a family.

We feel like we’ve walked him “down the aisle” to his new family. It gives him so much peace of mind to know that he is truly “cared for” as we would care for him.

Coming to the hospital, visiting and especially all you did for him on Valentine’s Day was just remarkable, and will hold a place in our hearts forever! We have been truly blessed to have found you all. And most importantly Treasure House!

Much Love — Aldo and Lisa