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Treasure House is an active living community in Glendale, Arizona for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our mission is to provide residents with IDD the same opportunity as all others to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Treasure House is the first of its kind in the Southwest and only one of a few in the nation. The striking structure, well-equipped apartments, and attractive grounds promote both community engagement, and personal growth and responsibility.

With active engagement from leadership, Life Coaches and Community Assistance, residents are empowered daily to discover independence, community, inclusion, purpose, and more. Our nonprofit supports a rich representation of people from all walks of life with equally diverse programming. The unique and superior living environment is intended to support residents as they flourish.

At Treasure House, residents design and participate in their own selected vocational, educational or volunteer opportunities. All residents learn life skills, set goals and gain responsibilities. They also develop and manage their own routines, schedules, and appointments. Residents have unlimited opportunity to explore the community, exercise their minds and bodies, and try new recreational activities together.

Treasure House Answers the Question:

“Now What?”

When public funding for education ends at age 18, educational resources and social options for individuals with IDD are limited or unavailable. Treasure House is the ideal solution to the post-high school question that families impacted by intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are faced with – “Now What?”

According to the CDC, approximately 6.5 million people in the U.S. have an intellectual disability, and this population reports difficulty finding appropriately trained and willing healthcare providers. Every year, 111,600 intellectually and developmentally disabled teens age out of school-based services.

“I am the mother
of a child that deserves to be seen, deserves to be heard, deserves to be enjoyed, and deserves a full life.”
-Brenda Warner

Founded by Brenda
& Kurt Warner

Treasure House’s accelerated trajectory from dream to reality was the result of the groundwork, passion, and resources of Brenda and Kurt Warner. Brenda, a former nurse and Marine, is a best-selling author, accomplished metal artist, and humanitarian. Kurt is a Hall of Fame, Super Bowl-winning quarterback and current football analyst. Long recognized for their philanthropic and community leadership, the Warners believe that everyone has a calling, and that sometimes, the perfect amount of support and opportunity are required for a purpose to unveil itself.

Brenda and Kurt are parents to seven children, including their eldest son, Zack, who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child. With inspiration from Zack, they envisioned a community where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could come together to overcome perceived challenges, develop meaningful relationships and contribute their gifts to society. Recognizing that other families also dreamt of this, the Warners rallied community champions, donors, and volunteers in Arizona and nationally to establish Treasure House Phoenix, which opened its doors in August 2018.

“Treasure House has the ability to take this group of what everybody looks at as underdogs and say, ‘Destiny belongs to you. The future belongs to you. You can walk in your purpose. You can live in your dreams,’” said Kurt Warner at Celebrity Game Night. “Parents and families are starting to hope and dream for something bigger because of Treasure House.”
After sustaining a fall at just four months old that caused brain swelling, Zack Warner was not expected to make it through the night. The accident left him blind, but he defied all the odds. Zack is now 31, leading a purposeful life at Treasure House alongside 29 other residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have their own Treasure House Stories. “These 29 residents can put their stuff in their apartments and invite a friend over for a coke; they can wake up and say I’m going to work; they can say ‘do you want to dance tonight?!’ It is an absolute beautiful place that just came from something heavy on my heart,” said Brenda Warner at Celebrity Game Night. “I am the mother of a child that deserves to be seen, deserves to be heard, deserves to be enjoyed, and deserves a full life.”

In October 2021,

Treasure House launched Growing Home, a three-year, $10 million capital campaign that is designed to sustain and grow Treasure House Phoenix, and to replicate the distinctive, life-affirming model nationally.

This movement will bring together families, build collaborations, and identify resources that will result in hundreds more young adults with IDD being able to thrive independently.

The Growing Home Campaign will build long-term financial integrity to:

Meet the Incredible Team behind Treasure House

The people who stand at the forefront of empowering residents to lead successful lives are servant leaders with a unique combination of experience and heart for the IDD community.

Become a Community Partner

Treasure House is made possible by the continuous and generous support of community partners. Reach out to our CEO, Lauri Tanner, to take the first step in forming your company’s Treasure House Story. Email lauri@treasurehouse.org

Brenda & Kurt Warner

Co-Founders of Treasure House

Our Board of Directors