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Treasure House residents are young adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, who are building productive, meaningful and fulfilling lives in a unique residential setting. Programming reflects Treasure House’s dedication to fostering independence, a sense of community, and personal fulfillment.

Life at Treasure House revolves around programming that supports:

Social Interaction

Treasure House residents form friendships based on mutual interests and goals while accepting and appreciating the differences in others. As residents live life together, they develop conflict resolution skills such as mediation, active listening and compromise. Residents are considered equal partners and are given due credit for their contributions with the understanding that community recognition of personal achievement enhances self-confidence. All activities are designed to develop skills, challenge individuals and increase personal confidence in the community.Treasure House residents live in an environment in which differences are celebrated, and community is encouraged. Residents are considered equals, and form friendships based on mutual respect.


Programming reflects Treasure House’s interest in promoting residents’ health through well-balanced, nutritious meal planning and preparation; access to exercise and incentivized fitness programming; and guidance to safeguard or improve existing health.

Continental daily breakfast and balanced, family-style dinner meals are provided to all residents in the dining room. Residents are responsible for their own lunch and will have access to the community kitchen, as well as kitchenettes located in their studio apartments, for preparation.

Health Care

Treasure House staff assists residents in scheduling and attending annual physical and dental exams and communicating with medical professionals. Staff offers support to residents with ordering medications. Nearby emergency medical services at Arrowhead Hospital are less than ten minutes from Treasure House. All costs associated with medical, psychological, and therapeutic needs are the sole responsibility of the residents or their legal guardians.

Treasure House is not licensed to and therefore cannot provide medical or skilled nursing care or be responsible for medical care decisions. Due to recent federal legislation, Treasure House cannot share medically-related information about residents with any person or institution without written permission from the residents or their legal guardians.

Life Skills

Staff assists the residents as they develop new skills and reach their highest level of independence, as active participants in financial planning and management, grocery shopping, home care, meal preparation, and personal hygiene.

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