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Working with You, Arizona Department of Economic Security

This is a great document outlining the services that you or your young adult with disabilities may be eligible to receive. As your family prepares for the next step, it is important to know what resources are available. We recommend exploring these services, and preparing your young adult for his or her next chapter!

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People with Disabilities:  Showing Respect through Words and Actions

When interacting with and speaking to or about people with disabilities, it is important to recognize how powerful language–verbal and non-verbal–can be.  Adjusting one’s language isn’t censorship but is a vital aspect of showing respect.  When you avoid acting on assumptions about another’s level of ability or communication, you exhibit consideration and appreciation for them as a person.  Read more in this article, written by Jesse Jo Warner.

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Navigating the System, Arizona Department of Economic Security

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and family members often experience confusion and frustration when working with multiple systems and processes to get their needs met. The Arizona Department of Economic Security developed “Navigating the System” to provide information in a clear way as an aid to understanding how the various systems and processes work and where further information can be obtained. While it does not answer every possible question, this book should help in finding answers to many questions.

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Living with Disability

Understanding the long-term challenges of disability, Easter Seals “Living with Disability” Study. Made possible by MassMutual.

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Bridging the Transition to Adulthood

What you should know BEFORE your child with a disability turns 18. An Educational Guide for Parents and Guardians with Children with Special Needs. Made possible by MassMutual.

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