Supported Living for Young Adults with IDDs

Supported Living for
with IDDs*

Thriving through independence,
inclusion, and purpose

*Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Supporting Community Partners

Our Mission

Solving the Unique Challenges Faced by Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families.

According to the CDC, approximately 6.5 million people in the U.S. have an intellectual disability, and this population reports difficulty finding appropriately trained and willing healthcare providers.

When public funding for education ends at age 18, educational resources and social options for individuals with an IDD are limited or unavailable. For many young adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities, the transition into adulthood can be difficult.

Many struggle to find the support they need to live independently and pursue their dreams. Without a supportive community, they may feel isolated and held back, unable to reach their full potential.

Treasure House is a Glendale, AZ, residence helping young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) find a supportive community and a personalized plan for achieving independence, inclusion, and purpose as they transition into adulthood.

Each resident is given the same chance to lead a fulfilling life as anyone else, by removing stigmas and promoting independent living and personal growth. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive with their abilities.

Our residents have access to a range of programs and services designed to help them build the skills they need to live independently and pursue their dreams. From life coaching to job training, we’re committed to providing the support our residents need to thrive. We also provide employment services for young adults with developmental disabilities.

“As his grandparents and guardians, Justin lived with us for 15 years without any parental involvement. When Justin became 19 years old, we were at a loss. We live in a senior community. This young man had no access to life with people his age, and no means of returning to a youthful world.

Treasure House opens up a whole new horizon to its residents. It is not only a place to live – it is a place of belonging that shares an outpouring of love and care. All the efforts extended have come to fruition. May God bless you all and help you along difficult but rewarding paths.”

– Bobbie Martin, Justin’s grandmother

Our Approach

Unlocking Potential Through Individualized Support

Treasure House provides resources for young adults with IDDs. Our mission is to provide residents with the same opportunity as all others to lead successful and fulfilling lives. We support people from all walks of life with equally diverse programming. Our unique and superior living environment is intended to support residents transitioning to adulthood.

With active engagement from leadership, life coaches, and community assistants, residents are empowered daily to discover independence, community, inclusion, purpose, and more.

Residents design and participate in vocational, educational, or volunteer opportunities and learn life skills, set goals, and gain responsibilities. Through developing and managing routines, schedules, and appointments, residents have unlimited opportunities to become part of the community and exercise their minds and bodies.

Our model is built around advancing our residents’ safety and well-being, enhancing their independence, and creating connections in our community. By supporting Treasure House, you not only impact the lives of young people and their families, but you also strengthen the fabric of our community as a whole.

Treasure House directly impacts the quality of life for individuals with IDDs and their families by offering an innovative living environment that helps strengthen the community. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing an accessible and superior living experience for residents as they transition into adulthood.

We’re committed to a fiscally sustainable business model that will not only retire the debt on construction of our Glendale facility but in the long term, will also identify ways to expand the Treasure House vision into other communities around the country.

We're a full house, but we welcome applications!

Why Support Treasure House?

Because it’s more than a residence—it’s a revolution in inclusivity and empowerment for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. When you become a supporter, you don’t just provide a home, you furnish a springboard to independence, giving each resident the same chances in life that you and I often take for granted.

Your contribution tears down societal stigmas and builds up individual potential, crafting a world where every young adult has a personalized roadmap to discovery, inclusion, and growth. Join us in making not just a donation, but a dynamic impact that transforms lives and communities for the better.

We’re not suggesting you shift your charitable focus but rather broaden your horizon of giving. Please consider adding Treasure House to your portfolio of supported organizations. We offer a unique mission, providing independent living services for young adults with developmental disabilities as they journey into adulthood.

Our Story

Founded By Kurt and Brenda Warner

Kurt and Brenda Warner are parents to seven children, including their eldest son, Zack, who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child. With inspiration from Zack, they envisioned a community where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could come together to overcome perceived challenges, develop meaningful relationships, and contribute their gifts to society. Recognizing that other families also dreamt of this, the Warners rallied community champions, donors, and volunteers in Arizona and nationally to establish Treasure House Phoenix, which opened its doors in August 2018, as a nonprofit organization for young adults with developmental disabilities.


Zack is now 31, leading a purposeful life at Treasure House alongside 28 other residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have their own Treasure House Stories.

“These residents can put their stuff in their apartments and invite a friend over for a coke; they can wake up and say I’m going to work; they can say ‘do you want to dance tonight?!’ It is an absolute beautiful place that just came from something heavy on my heart,” said Brenda Warner.


“Treasure House has the ability to take this group of what everybody looks at as underdogs and say, ‘Destiny belongs to you. The future belongs to you. You can walk in your purpose. You can live in your dreams,’” said Kurt Warner. “Parents and families are starting to hope and dream for something bigger because of Treasure House.”

“I am the mother of a child that deserves to be seen, deserves to be heard, deserves to be enjoyed, and deserves a full life.”

Brenda Warner

Dear Treasure House,

Aldo and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Nick. We have never seen him so happy and contented. You truly are a family.

We feel like we’ve walked him “down the aisle” to his new family. It gives him so much peace of mind to know that he is truly “cared for” as we would care for him.

Coming to the hospital, visiting and especially all you did for him on Valentine’s Day was just remarkable, and will hold a place in our hearts forever! We have been truly blessed to have found you all. And most importantly Treasure House!

Much Love — Aldo and Lisa

Our Team

Supporting Our Residents Every Day

The people who stand at the forefront of empowering residents to lead successful lives are servant leaders with a unique combination of experience and heart for the IDD community.

Laureen K. Tanner, RN, MSN, CEO

Lauri, our Dream Weaver, oversees all aspects of life at our supported living residence to ensure an inclusive, thriving, and well-operated community. Her leadership, strategic vision, and adept fundraising abilities are instrumental in meeting crucial annual goals, ensuring the sustainability of Treasure House Phoenix. Lauri also leads Growing Home, a $10 Million Capital Campaign which supports the replication of our distinct, two-tiered model across the nation. Her commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships in the community has resulted in a robust Treasure House Village, our nonprofit’s growing network of support.

With a heart of gold and over 40 years of healthcare expertise, Lauri climbed the ranks from a registered nurse to the CEO of a pediatric bridge hospital where she oversaw the administration and care of medically complex children and their families.

Jacob Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Jake works closely with Lauri to shape our organization’s future, overseeing performance management, budget planning, workforce development, and goal setting. His concentration on the optimization and standardization of internal operations supports the replication of our IDD housing model. He dedicates himself to cultivating trusting relationships with residents, their families, and stakeholders as a vital method to fostering Treasure House’s supportive community.

Jake brings extensive expertise in individual and organizational development, business operations, project management, and consultation. His strengths lie in adult learning and development and crafting sustainable solutions that drive success.

Blake Muntz, Life Coach Manager

Blake and his team of Life Coaches cultivate dynamic and trusted relationships with residents, guiding them long-term in achieving purposeful lives. Life Coaches facilitate individual goal planning and execution, aid residents in securing job and volunteer opportunities, and provide support in various aspects such as budget management, health and fitness planning, relationship building, and more. Blake provides direct and various support to all Life Coaches, ensuring personalized attention and success while serving as a vital liaison to parents or guardians. Each Life Coach is assigned to no more than seven residents.

Pamela Wainwright, Community Assistant Manager​

Pamela oversees the 24/7 resident support offered by Treasure House. Community Assistants focus on the details that help residents meet their daily routines and schedules. They provide as-needed support for transportation, hygiene, laundry, meal accommodations, in-house activities, community participation, interactions with other residents, and more.

Amy McCallister, Registered Dietician

Amy, owner of AM Nutrition Services, oversees 26 dietitians across seven locations. Passionate about the impact of balanced nutrition on mental health, she collaborates with Executive Chef Brian to enhance residents' well-being through quality and customized nutrition plans.

Brian Robison, Executive Chef

Brian collaborates with Nutritionist Amy to curate wholesome and vibrant meal plans that are tailored to each resident’s dietary needs. With a passion for crafting delectable, low sodium and low sugar dishes, his taste for flavor brings the entire family together for daily lunch, dinner, and special events.

Murphy, Certified Service Dog

Murphy is a certified facility dog that encourages physical activity in Treasure House residents. He was originally trained to help manage anxiety and depression in medically complex children and continues this work with our Treasure House residents. He and CEO Lauri share a deep bond.

Our Board

Spreading The Mission

Brenda & Kurt Warner, Founders of Treasure House

Growing Home

3-Year Campaign to Raise $10 Million

We launched Growing Home, a three-year, $10 million capital campaign designed to sustain and grow Treasure House Phoenix and to replicate the distinctive, life-affirming model nationally.

The Growing Home movement brings together families, builds collaborations, and identifies resources that will result in hundreds more young adults with IDDs being able to thrive independently.

So far we raised,

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