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is Growing Home!

Treasure House CEO Lauri Tanner explores what Growing Home means.

Now What?

Since August 2018, Treasure House has served as the solution to the post-high school question that families impacted by intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are faced with – ‘Now what?’ When public funding for education ends at age 18, educational resources and social options for individuals with IDD are limited or unavailable.

I don’t know how we were lucky enough to be picked by God to have our grandson, Justin, become a Treasure House resident. As his grandparents and guardians, Justin lived with us for 15 years without any parental involvement. When Justin became 19 years old, we were at a loss. We live in a senior community. This young man had no access to life with people his age, and no means of returning to a youthful world.

Treasure House opens up a whole new horizon to its residents. It is not only a place to live – it is a place of belonging that shares an outpouring of love and care. All the efforts extended have come to fruition. May God bless you all and help you along difficult but rewarding paths. – Bobbie Martin, Justin’s grandmother

Destiny Belongs to the Underdogs.

In just three years, and through a pandemic, Treasure House has grown to full capacity where 29 diverse individuals from around the country are striving towards independence, purpose and inclusion. Treasure House is the first of its kind in the Southwest, and one of only a few nationwide, to offer a superior living experience where unique souls flourish, where true happiness is invoked, and where hopes and aspirations come to life. Our ‘Underdogs’ overcome what were previously considered to be risks, barriers and improbabilities, and learn that they have the same opportunity as all others to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

first job… first date… first time doing their laundry… first time going to movies with friends… first time volunteering… first time driving a car…

In 2022, Treasure House is:


We're raising $10 Million during this 3 year campaign.

Consider investing in productive and independent living
for young adults with IDD in Arizona, and nationally.

Amount Raised Towards Goal:

$ 1,027,500

See what the Treasure House experience is all about – watch My Treasure House Story.

Providing the life-affirming, secure, and independent living experience at Treasure House is costly. To make living arrangements as affordable as possible, Treasure House’s financial model allows it to contribute assistance towards each resident’s monthly dues. Monetary support from Treasure House helps cover the expense of individual furnished apartment, meals, community activities, transportation, and guidance from Life Coaches & Community Assistants.

The services, programs and individual attention that Treasure House provides empowers residents to lead their very best lives, and require significant resources. Our nonprofit organization receives no government funding for its residents. Special events, such as Celebrity Game Night, which has a growing base of supporters, are the primary source of contributions.

The Cost of Treasure House
for a Resident

Total Monthly Cost
  • Resident monthly contribution: $3,300.00
  • Treasure House monthly contribution: $2,460.00

The Power of Love is Proven.

Families from multiple states with no proximate comparable facilities have chosen to send their children to Arizona to help them achieve independence and lead more productive lives. There is not a single resident at Treasure House who has not seen breakthrough success in gaining significant independence.

An investment in Treasure House North America will provide funding for the Treasure House team to take on a national leadership role to replicate residential living opportunities in other states and communities. This movement will bring together families, build collaborations, and identify resources that will result in hundreds more young adults with IDD being able to thrive independently.

Please join us in Growing Home!

Consider investing in productive and independent living
for young adults with IDD in Arizona, and nationally.
The $10 million Growing Home Campaign will build
long-term financial integrity to:

Society is enriched when people with IDD have plenty of opportunity to contribute their talents, value, and worth.

To learn more about the impact that your investment can make, and how you can truly help Treasure House grow, request a meeting with its CEO, Lauri Tanner.