AZ Charitable Tax Credit

Unlock More Benefits to Empowering Young Adults with IDDs*

*Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

The Arizona Department of Revenue has increased the 2024 Arizona Tax Credit maximum allowance to $470 for Single taxpayers and $938 for Married taxpayers.


At Treasure House, residents find a supportive community and personalized plan for achieving independence, inclusion, and purpose. Each resident has the same chance to lead a fulfilling life as anyone else by removing stigmas and promoting personal growth.

Watch Treasure House’s young adults uniquely describe what independence means to them!

Give AND Receive Tax Credit!

For their contributions to Treasure House, Single Arizona taxpayers may claim up to $470 in Charitable Tax Credit and Married taxpayers may claim up to $938 when filing Arizona taxes.

Step 1

Donate to
Treasure House

Step 2

When you file your taxes, complete and include Form 321

Treasure House Federal Tax ID:
Treasure House Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization ID: 22613

Step 3

Receive Your Arizona Tax Credit*

A dollar-for-dollar tax credit

*Please consult your tax professional for complete details on this Arizona Tax Credit

Have questions or need help with your donation?

Contact Chris LeBlanc, Director of Donor Services
Direct: (602) 805-2586

Maximize Your Tax Credit with Recurring Giving

We have calculated what single and joint filers might automatically donate to Treasure House each month for a year to yield the maximum tax credit allowance. If your giving commences mid-year, calculate a custom amount that reaches the maximum allowance by year-end.

Maximize Your Tax Credit with a One-Time Donation

Take the ‘thought’ out of thoughtful giving. Your one-time donation of $938 (joint filers) or $470 (single filers) does wonders for Treasure House residents.

Donate to Best Suit Your Means

At any time of year, no gift is too small or large. Customize your giving schedule by defining an amount that suits your monthly or annual budget. Your donation may contribute towards your tax credit allowance.

Zach’s journey at Treasure House has been about building up confidence. He is surrounded people that believe he will get far in life. When he started believing in himself, things really took off.

– Ray, Zach’s Life Coach

2023 Gold Seal of Transparency
Treasure House has a Gold Transparency Status with Candid, formerly GuideStar. You can feel good about selecting our accountable, transparent, and financially healthy organization for your charitable organization tax credit donation!