Arizona Tax Credits Unlock Big Support for Young Adults with Disabilities at Treasure House

Living with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to achieving independence and reaching full potential. Treasure House, a haven for young adults with IDDs in Arizona, understands this deeply. We provide a supportive living environment, tailored programs, and endless encouragement, empowering residents to thrive. But like many nonprofits, keeping our doors open relies heavily on the generosity of others.

Here’s where you, the kind-hearted Arizonans, come in. Did you know that donating to Treasure House through the Arizona Tax Credit Donation program doubles the impact of your giving? Not only does your contribution directly support residents, but you also get a significant tax break!

Let’s break down the magic of Arizona Tax Credit donations:

  • Eligibility: As an Arizona resident, you’re eligible if you file an Arizona income tax return. Whether you’re single or filing jointly, the program allows you to donate up to $470 (single) or $938 (joint) and claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit – that’s like getting reimbursed for your good deed!
  • Treasure House is a Certified QCO: Rest assured, your donation qualifies. Treasure House is a proud member of the Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) list, making your contribution eligible for the credit.
  • Impact that Matters: So, where does your generosity go? It fuels life-changing programs at Treasure House. Imagine residents honing their job skills, mastering independent living tasks in their apartments, or discovering hidden talents through art therapy – all thanks to your support.

Meet KC, whose life flourished at Treasure House

Treasure House struck us because it was not going to be the typical group home that is offered for this population after high school,” said Cari, resident KC’s mother. “Treasure House truly cares about the opportunities offered to these young adults that maybe would not otherwise find their place.

Ready to make a difference? Donating is easier than ever!

  • Donate on the Treasure House website: Head to our AZ Tax Credit Giving page for clear instructions and our secure online donation page.

  • Choose your amount: Every bit counts! Donate a one-time gift or make automated recurring gifts.

  • Claim your tax credit: Remember to include your donation details on your Arizona tax return. The AZDOR website has all the info you need.

By choosing Treasure House through the Arizona Tax Credit Donation program, you’re not just giving back, you’re investing in the future of young adults with IDDs. You’re empowering them to live fulfilling lives, reach their goals, and contribute meaningfully to our community. Join us in creating a brighter tomorrow, one donation at a time.

Remember, sharing is caring! Spread the word about this incredible opportunity and encourage your friends and family to join the movement. Together, we can unlock a world of possibilities for the amazing residents of Treasure House.

Please consult a tax professional for more information on the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program.

Have questions? The Treasure House team is happy to help! Contact Chris LeBlanc, Director of Donor Services, at chrisl@treasurehouse.orgor (602) 805-2586. Let’s turn your Arizona tax dollars into life-changing opportunities for young adults with IDDs!

Check out this helpful guide about AZ Charitable Tax Credit Giving.