Innovative Cork Spray Brightens Treasure House's Exterior

Even on a first visit, Treasure House Phoenix is hard to miss. In alignment with the vibrant Treasure House brand, our large home features a bright orange community center that is flanked by deep burgundy east and west wings. With energetic life taking place inside, it’s an objective of ours to model an equally dazzling exterior that warmly welcomes residents home and enthusiastically invites visitors from near and far. While Treasure House loves year-round Phoenix sunshine, the climate has not been kind to our paint since we opened in 2018, causing both our brilliant and dark colors to fade quickly.

Repaint this summer? No way! Armor Plate Cork Systems recently installed 38,000 square feet of color-customized cork spray on Treasure House’s exterior at a tremendous nonprofit rate. Cork spray is an alternative to synthetic stucco that has one-tenth of a fade rate, and does not crack or peel. It is fire retardant, mold resistant, and never reaches above 87 degrees as it releases heat from the inside out, resulting in utility savings. After a 17-day install, Treasure House is back in business looking fresh as ever! Take a look at the before and after transformation!

"Treasure House was built by the very best. Every home just needs some TLC every now and then."

“I am grateful for the introduction to team leads Jim Miller and TJ Millington by Board Member Doug Singer,” said Lauri Tanner. “The duo was professional, responsive, and swift, and they have ensured that Treasure House Phoenix will stay gorgeous for years to come.”

Jim and TJ recently co-founded Green Cork Products, which is the only cork spray manufacturer in the US. They believe in the Treasure House mission and are looking forward to supporting replica Treasure House models across the country as part of the Growing Home Capital Campaign. To get in touch with Green Cork Products about your next project call 480-299-6313. And, don’t forget to stop by Treasure House to see a job well done.

Did you know: Cork is from bark on trees that primarily grow in Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy and Tunisia. The bark protects the tree from fire, weather and insects, and when cork is harvested the tree remains unharmed. These benefits transcend when raw cork granules are blended with paint to be sprayed on a development. Cork spray can be applied to any material except vinyl.