The Power of Play: Why Family Game Night is Critical

Treasure House emphasizes creating a community atmosphere. Among the many activities and outings that residents enjoy, there’s one activity in particular that always breeds amazing memories with a sense of belonging – family game night! There are several benefits to regularly hosting family game night: 

Games teach life skills. When families maintain strong lines of communication through frequent get-togethers like game night, there are long-term benefits such as larger vocabularies, higher reading scores, increased motivation, better relationships with peers, a positive resident-staff relationship, better emotional well-being and overall life satisfaction.  


Games teach motor skills. Every time a resident rolls dice or shuffles cards, they are developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which can lead to later success in sports, playing instruments, writing and more. 

Games teach problem solving. When residents practice strategizing and solving problems with each other, memory and critical thinking techniques are improved. When staff join in, they’re able to demonstrate effective problem-solving strategies that residents learn from and emulate. 

A big family like ours requires constant access to fun and games for all. Treasure House has a game room dedicated to a variety of activities, allowing residents to break down their walls and develop friendships whenever they like. In addition to board games, our gaming room has puzzles, a pool table, arcade games and more.

Kurt and Brenda Warner, our founders, are equally passionate about game night and employ this special form of entertainment annually to bring awareness to Treasure House’s mission. At the 4th Annual Celebrity Game Night (CGN), join our family and help provide individuals in the disability community with the same opportunity as all others to lead successful, fulfilling lives in a place they call home. Participate in the magic of #CGN2021! Guests have the opportunity to meet residents, play side by side with celebrities, and aid in the future of our nonprofit! 

Be part of the October 7, 2021 family game night: