Treasure House’s “Key” People: Suntec Concrete

As Treasure House grows and gets closer to becoming a reality, we want to take time to highlight the people behind the movement.  Each month, we will feature a community member that is giving of his/her time and treasures to build the first residence for young adults with intellectual disabilities in the Valley.

February’s “Key” People


Suntec Concrete

How did your company get started?

Over the last 31 years, Suntec Concrete has truly made its mark as a notable Arizona business contributing to the positive economic impact of the Valley through local enterprise. Employing more than 670 employees and providing experienced crews to participate in the construction of many of the most significant projects in Arizona, Suntec Concrete strives to be the leader in the commercial concrete market in Arizona and beyond. This is achieved through aggressive performance, exceptional quality, innovative practices and a solid company culture which fuels Suntec’s continual commitment to deliver unmatched product on any sized project.

What does your company do?

Suntec is the largest commericial concrete construction company in the Southwest, specializing in structural, tilt panel, flatwork, foundation, concrete placement and finishing.

What are some of your most favorite projects?

Suntec has worked on projects all over Arizona from structural, tilt, foundation and flat projects.  We take pride in and are honored to be a part of the growth of our great communities.

What/Who attracted you to get involved with Treasure House? 

Suntec strives to be a part of the community in many ways, from volunteering to sponsoring many events, we are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to give back.  Supporting Treasure House allows us to continue doing just that.

Why and how are you supporting Treasure House?

Supporting Treasure House fits perfectly with our culture and initiatives, as it goes hand in hand with the culture of giving back. Suntec is grateful for opportunities provided by the community and it is our honor to support this community in return.