Treasure House’s “Key” Person: True Carr

As Treasure House grows and gets closer to becoming a reality, we want to take time to highlight the people behind the movement.  Each month, we will feature a community member that is giving of his/her time and treasures to build the first residence for young adults with intellectual disabilities in the Valley.

June’s “Key” Person


True H. Carr

Title, Company or current Role in Life?

Managing Partner of Alliance Group of Companies

Are you a native Arizonian?

I am not an Arizona native but our family relocated here in 1976.  I have spent enough summers here to be considered one.

Who is a public figure that has influenced your life, and how?

I don’t really have one single public figure hero.  I admire a long list:  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Wayne, Danny Thomas, Jimmy Stewart, etc. Leaders who are good guys and who do good are all heroes to me.

Have you thought about learning something new, or taking lessons, and why?

I would like to learn fly fishing because I think it is an activity that allows for quiet time to think.

What are a couple things on your bucket list, still to do?

I don’t have a bucket list because I don’t like lists. I’m just too spontaneous to stick to a list or a set plan.

What is your most favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

A favorite Sunday afternoon activity is playing a round of golf with my wife driving the cart. Unless our son is visiting with his wife and our grandson. Then it is anything with all of us together.

What daily or weekly activity is non-negotiable?

A non-negotiable daily and certainly at least weekly activity is checking in with all my people. They are a great group and I want to make sure they know I care about how things are going with them.

What was your first job as a young adult?  Do you remember how you got that job?

I was a paperboy’s assistant at age twelve and when he “retired” I was asked to continue delivering on his route.

What advice do you have for a younger you?

I would tell the younger me to take my education more seriously and apply myself more fully academically.  I had fun and I got by, but I’m sure I frustrated some educators along the way.

What/Who attracted you to get involved with Treasure House? 

I was told about Treasure House from Rick Ziehl, Ridgeline Construction, who was involved in building it.  My wife and I strongly believe in “teaching people to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime”.  Treasure House provides a supportive and independent living environment for young people with different levels of disabilities to achieve their highest level of ability according to their interests and skills.  It’s an easy organization to support.

Once the first Treasure House is built in the Valley, what do you see in its future?

Success breeds success. Hopefully we are witnessing the growth of a model of success for other communities across the entire country to emulate so that every family who loves someone with special needs and abilities will have a supportive option in their own back yards.