Valley Eighth Graders Raise Hundreds for Treasure House Residents

The residents of Treasure House will soon have even more resources available to them to help them live independently, thanks to the generous efforts of a pair of students at Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix.

Elle and Joe, who are both eighth-graders at the school, were tasked with completing a service capstone project of their choice, and the two decided to concentrate their efforts on helping the residents of Treasure House gain independence by improving self-sufficiency.

To do so, they hosted a bake sale, which in turn raised more than $200 for the residents of Treasure House, who have a range of different developmental disabilities.

Funds raised by Elle and Joe will help house Treasure House residents while they pursue vocational, educational and volunteer opportunities that will ultimately transition them toward independent living. Through the generous support of these students and others, Treasure House residents can continue to overcome challenges, benefit from the support of the community and otherwise take steps toward achieving their full potential.