We Treasure Diversity & Quality of Life for All

Treasure House is more than a space for differently abled individuals who seek independence. We are home to a growing community of diverse human beings. From goals and passions to cognitive abilities, gender, background, and length of stay, each resident has their own Treasure House story. Our 29 residents range from 20 years old to 50 years old. We currently have a 60/40 male to female population of racially diverse people hailing from Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and Utah. Seventeen have jobs, 17 volunteer and five attend classes. Diagnoses include 18Q Syndrome, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Global Development Delay, ID, Mosaic Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, TBI and Williams Syndrome. Treasure House is truly a melting pot of beautiful souls. Our nonprofit is proud to support a rich representation of people from all walks of life with equally unique programs to develop well-rounded individuals.

According to a March 2021 report by the World Health Organization, the facets of a human’s quality of life fall into five categories: physical, psychological, level of independence, social relationships, and environment. Since 2018, Treasure House’s mission has been to create a superior living experience for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by prioritizing each resident’s discovery of independence, community, inclusion and purpose. Not coincidentally, Treasure House is able to positively influence resident lives through dynamic and innovative programming featuring all categories recommended by WHO!


As an active living community, each resident’s physical participation is highly important to us. That’s why we plan activities that make it easy and fun to engage with and get their bodies flowing. While our activity calendar changes monthly, on-site activities often include hitting our in-house gym or participating in group fitness classes. Going on bike rides and walks, playing whiffle ball, basketball or flag football, and doing obstacle courses, are more activities offered to our residents. Even Treasure House’s resident service dog Murphy gets residents moving! Our outings have included going to the Phoenix Zoo, playing mini golf and laser tag, walking around the local farmers market, going swimming, exploring nearby hiking trails, and so much more. Regular physical activity isn’t a dreaded task for residents because we know how to make it fun.


Support systems are in place to ensure each resident’s healthy psyche. By developing dynamic, trusted and comfortable relationships with residents, Life Coaches and Community Assistance are able to help in attaining independence and community inclusion. Each Treasure House Life Coach manages no more than seven residents at once to ensure each individual’s success, and serves as the liaison to parents or guardians. Life Coaches assist residents with goal setting, budget management, medication management, health and fitness planning and execution, developing meaningful relationships, helping with grocery shopping, scheduling doctor visits, and more. All of these areas impact the mental well-being of our differently abled residents.

When there is conflict, small or large, our team helps residents manage necessary communication and act as confidants that mitigate anxiety and depression. We work hand in hand with physicians and counselors to ensure that emotional well-being is in check.

Confidence and positive self-esteem require self-care so we carve out time for spa days, complete with face masks and manicures. It feels good to feel good! Treasure House is also aware of the impact that the digital age can have on one’s mental health, so we make sure to include workshops that discuss social media and internet safety.

Level of Independence

Once at Treasure House, the intellectually and developmentally disabled make serious gains in the independence department. They make their own decisions on a daily basis. Residents are prompted through managing their own hygiene routines and are responsible for specific tasks and chores in their apartments and common areas, as they would be in any family. In addition, Treasure House provides transportation when errands need to be run. Every individual is encouraged, assisted and coached in finding volunteering opportunities and part-time jobs so that life skills are consistently being built upon.

Social Relationships

Making friends, building relationships, and showing love for individuals is critical for resident well-being, and there is no lack of socially engaging opportunities at Treasure House. A few examples of activities that we do together include playing card games, video games & ping pong, building Legos, singing karaoke, going on picnics, having barbecues, painting, watching movies and baking. We eat lunch and dinner together every day, and have a special celebration with cake and gifts on each individual’s birthday.

Managing friendships and romantic relationships can be tricky for everyone, but it’s a part of life! We provide resources like workshops on the topics of “Move from a Friend to a Sweetheart” and “Being in a Relationship” to help residents navigate. These classes aim to improve social growth that they might not otherwise be afforded outside of our community. We also follow up one on one to offer advice to residents who are actively pursuing relationships.


Our unique living arrangement provides a happy, inclusive, and energetic environment for our Treasure House inhabitants to develop, grow and thrive. Residents enjoy their own furnished one-bedroom apartment with access to family style amenities such as a kitchen, lounge, game room, patio and outdoor activities. There are also plenty of safe spaces to talk, and quiet places to rest after a stimulating day. Treasure House has Community Assistants on site 24/7 to ensure the well-being and safety of our residents.

“Sometimes, staff learns more about leading a quality life from our unique residents than the residents do from us,” said Lauri. “Society has so much to gain when they embrace leading with love for everyone. Our residents fully grasp the concept and effortlessly live by that philosophy. It supports their ability to lead productive, meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

At Treasure House, we support the inclusion of everyone and put in maximum effort to make sure our residents feel independent and involved in their community. Check out our admissions page to see if you or your loved one qualifies to become part of the Treasure House family!